Eyeon/Blackmagic Fusion Expressions

If one is new to compositing, one’s first choice would be Fusion. For one its less heavy than After Effects, and basically cheaper than Nuke. Its free, with limitations, that you would probably not use as a STudent. A beginner anyways goes through Youtube and does what anyone in their right mind, or with a little bit common sense should. Start learning from there. One of the scary things, especially for a beginner is coding or expressions that is involved, for some really cool stuff. And I came across a tutorial with such intresting details, that I thought I should jot it down.

So here goes.

First the link.

NOW, these are applied to the pCustom node, Particle tab.


get= get value

a colour value


d= if the value are out of bounds, fusion will read the h values of bitmap of the incoming bitmap

get the red channel of the first input and that should be based on the age of the particle in x, and o.5(which is the centre) in the y.


After this in all honesty, everything went right above my head.


So thats that for now.


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