Don’t just try and figure out if you are depressed or not, with symptoms listed abound.

Fight to live for another moments, like morning’s bird’s sound.

They talk and sing, whole day around.

But its the silence of dawn, when their sweetness is found.

Wait for it, work hard for it and stay alert for your own happiness.

Its okay to be selfish, if you live another day on your own.

Its okay not to be perfect, if your best if good enough for now.

Its okay to sing a crass song in the shower, if silences the cries of demons inside.

The demons only win, if you live to die.

Death will  come, don’t worry about it, worry won’t change a single fact.

Think about you, this moment and what difference both of those can make.

And do those, even if the worlds trolls and calls you names.

You might not, but they will forget, only remembering when you have made it intact.

Thats when you realise, the scars are beautiful,

Your tears are cleaning your soul, and for whats it worth.

The pain today might or might not make you stronger.

But what you will realise, is that you thought you were surviving the hell on this Earth.

If you loved from heart and gave your-living all, You Lived!

And what matters most, in human life, THAT IS ALL.




To let live, you need to live yourself first.


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