Pftrack self learning.

Chapter 1 for me.
Understanding the basic overview.

•The interface looks like a photograph took with the rule of third gone wrong. 🙂
• Getting a file in is a simple process of multiple clicking around. First Create under Projects.
Settings- Data management-Project.
Name- …
Path- …
•But to make the project file. Click the confirm button under Projects.

•• Off to next screen.
•Four grey boxes on upper side.
•One big one on the lower side.

••Lets check out the preferences.
•Global settings button!!
•First things first- Cache.
Giving it around 3gb.
Remember to clear it!
•Cinema is making no sense to me. (May change background colour after some research).
•Disk I/O- Completely bounced off. (What’s a chunk size).
• Export- where and in which style do you want to send your file. Understood.
• File translations – Naming/Nomenclature. Whatever floats ones boat. No actual idea right now.
• General – The boss is here!
Okay, so how many cores of CPU I can give it. (I work on one thing at a time). So a my cores. Me poor thing has four.
The funny part was, the number of default undos was 2, I added a 0 to it.
Metres work fine for me, as scene unit.
• Import edit – No idea whatsoever again. Let it all be at default.
• Input devices – Jog sensitivity? Pftrack is health conscious I guess.
• Keyboard/Mouse – Hahahaa. Found this treasure. Will write abt it later. (Went to notes, and added a reminder).
• Media bins – a safe place I won’t mess with.

A day of pf track concludes with checking the software out. Off to next part.